North East Anti-Racism Statement

On 4 June, the cultural sector of the North East of England initiated a statement, below, denouncing racism and seeking to bring about a collective change in thinking and action as organisations and individuals. 

This have received support from the list of signees below which now extends beyond the cultural sector and of Newcastle and Gateshead. The list is contained here on this page although is not a statement made by NewcastleGateshead Cultural Venues (NGCV). It is a wider endeavour and is hosted here for further access to the full list. 

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Please note this page will not be updated immediately. This e-mail address is also only a point of contact for receiving signee requests for the list. 

We Denounce Racism

UPDATE 2nd July 2020

We want to acknowledge the volume of social media surrounding Tyneside Cinema in the last 7 days and the pain that is being expressed.  Individuals and organisations which have signed up to the North East Culture Sector Statement in June have an obligation for public accountability on the actions they take to address racism and its deep roots.  We expect Tyneside Cinema to honour this commitment, consistent with their pledge.   We acknowledge the statement of the Tyneside Cinema Trustees of July 1st , their expression of sorrow and their commitment to publishing the recommendations of an independent review within 6 weeks.  After conversations with Tyneside Cinema yesterday and while the independent review takes place, it has been mutually agreed that Tyneside Cinema will be removed as a signee to the North East Culture Sector statement.

We all hold one another accountable.

The statement 


We, the undersigned from the cultural sector of the North East, declare that silence is not ok and silence is seen as complicity. Racism has no place in a just and humane society.

Whilst we cannot undo pain and neglect, we are calling on all of us in the arts, cultural, heritage sectors; professional and voluntary to work together to address racism and its deep roots. We must listen, have conversations and most importantly act, we know we need to do better.

Everyone is part of the solution – artists, staff, trustees, partners, promoters, audiences and communities.

We want to tackle this together in sharing better understanding and practices. We stand united to bring about change in our thinking and actions as a collective of organisations and individuals.

In the weeks and months to come we will collectively act to build on this statement with concrete steps and actions to demonstrate our commitment to bringing about real change. We ask you to stand with us.

The Signees:


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